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Army Evicting Villagers Who Were “Illegally” Resettled 36 Years Ago


The Zimbabwe National Army is reportedly seeking to evict 100 villagers in Wengezi, Manicaland, saying they were illegally resettled in a military cantonment 36 years ago.

3 Brigade commander, Brigadier General George Chitsva has already written to the Rufuka Village 14B residents giving them until June 30 to leave the area or face eviction.

The letter dated May 7 which is believed to have been delivered to the villagers last week observes that the army was allocated the land in 2003. Reads the letter in part:

You are expected to comply by vacating the cantonment area by June 30, 2020 or face forceful removal. Please cooperate and comply.
This letter serves to remind you that you must vacate from Wengezi Military Training Area by June 30, 2020.
The area is reserved exclusively for military use as provided in the Government Gazette No 82 of 2003.
A representative of the villagers, Stephen Choto, refuted claims made by the army in the letter that the villagers settled themselves in the area, adding that they were settled there legally around 1984.
He said they were shocked and that the army is now saying the area was gazetted in 2003 and we were never informed of any such development.
He said they will engage Ministry of Lands on the matter.

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