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Amuli And Yolanda Fight Over Moana’s Daughter


Moana’s mother is pleading for help to get her granddaughter back from Ishmael Amuli, who has been with Tyra for the last few days after her father took her to Domboshava to visit Amuli.

Yolanda was also pleading with the Kadungure family to help her with bills from the funeral. She also mentions friends of Ginimbi who promised to help her with bills but are no longer around. Watch the video below as Yolanda shares her painful story.

Moana perished on the morning of 8th November when Ginimbi’s supercar Rolls-Royce Wraith hit a tree and exploded into flames, burning her and two other colleagues beyond recognition. Business tycoon Genius “Ginimbi” also died on the spot. Meanwhile, in her speech at a Harare mosque last Saturday, Moana’s maternal uncle Austin Chimedza said they had ironed out their differences.

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“We just attended court to fulfill the process, but we had agreed to put all misunderstandings aside and give her (Moana) a dignified send-off,” he said.

Moana’s ex-hubby Lloyd Chipombo with an unidentified colleague
Chimedza said they had learnt a lot throughout the process.

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“We have learnt something in terms of culture and everything that happens in the Muslim community. We were not skeptical about how everything would be done, but it was a fear of the unknown. Now we have been told how it works and shown that there is nothing to worry about,” he said.

The Amuli family’s spokesperson Yussuf Binali echoed the same sentiments as he made it clear that the family altercations were a closed chapter.

“We would also want to extend our gratitude to all families including our in-laws for joining hands with us in mourning our daughter up to this time,” he said.

“We have nothing to say as far as the burial and everything is concerned so we want to say whatever happened was according to God’s wishes.”


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