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Actress Letoya Makhene back from the dead


Talented actress Letoya Makhene shakes things up in Generations: The Legacy.

Her return to the SABC1 show on Monday also proved how much love TV viewers have for her.

She appeared for the first time after she left last year, following her reasons that she wanted to focus on her music career and her calling as a sangoma.

Letoya who played Tshidi in Generations: The Legacy, had a storyline where she faked death to exit the show.

On Monday, she came back to check her sick mother in hospital.

City Press reports that Tshidi makes her comeback to reclaim her life after months of hiding. Last year, viewers’ emotions flared when she faked her death to protect her unborn baby from its evil father, Jack Mabaso.

Speaking to the newspaper, Letoya said: “I am so excited to be back. I like how the producers have developed my character on the show. Tshidi is back with her old tricks. But this time around she is full of surprises!”


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