11-year-old Girl Commits Suicide


An 11-year-old girl from Njube suburb, Bulawayo allegedly committed suicide by hanging after an undisclosed misunderstanding with her mother.


Patience Chishemu, who was a Grade 5 pupil at Mpumelelo Primary School in Mpopoma, allegedly hung herself at her home in Njube on Sunday morning.

Patience’s father, Mike Chishemu (38), separated from her mother some years ago and she was living with her mother and would occasionally visit her father in Victoria Falls during holidays.

Chishemu said his daughter was a free spirit, a great cook, and loved singing. He said:

On Saturday she sent me a video of herself singing a gospel song. It saddens me to know that is the last song l will hear her singing. She was outspoken and loved cooking and telling me stories.

Chishemu alleged that her child was “living in hell” as she was being s_xually abused and had been attending counseling. He said:

l still cannot believe that my daughter is gone, l don’t understand where an 11-year-old gets the idea of hanging herself or how she even knew that hanging is a way of killing herself.

I refuse to believe what they tell me right now because it does not make sense. l recently found out that she was being r@ped. l am still yet to confirm with the police if it is true. If it is true then the mother will explain to me why l was not told about all of this.

Chishemu said they are waiting for post-mortem results so that they can ascertain what really happened to his child.



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