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100%-Accurate ­Antibody Check For Coronavirus Unveiled In UK


The United Kingdom has approved a 100%-accurate ­antibody check that was developed by a Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche.

The antibody is premised at showing who has already had the virus. Meanwhile, experts at Manchester University allege that more than 19 million Brits may have already been infected with coronavirus and got ­better.

Commenting on the development, Prof John Newton, the national coordinator of the UK coronavirus testing programme, said:

This is a very positive development because such a highly specific antibody test is a very reliable marker of past infection.

This in turn may indicate some immunity to future infection, although the extent to which the presence of antibodies indicates immunity remains unclear.

The tests will be rolled out in the near future and could pave the way out of lockdown.

Antibodies are made by the human’s immune system as it learns to fight infection.

Finding antibodies that attack the coronavirus show that person has been infected in the past, but they do not prove they are protected against it in the future.


-The Mirror

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