The Ferguson’s Celebrate their child’s 18th birthday with this sweet message


Connie Ferguson today took to social media to remember the day she was blessed with her beautiful bundle of joy, her miracle child, Alicia Angel Ferguson.


Connie dubs Alicia her ‘Twinny’ though she was just 3 days too early, of being born on the 10th of June and would have shared the same birthday with her mother.

Connie speaks very proudly of her daughter whom she has labelled as super talented. She says “such a musical genius, with rhythm so innate I often wonder if you are even real!”

Not to be outdone was father Shona Ferguson, who also posted a beautiful birthday message to his ‘miracle baby”

‘True story – Doctors told me I could never have children of my own. GOD had other plans because he knew I needed you. My miracle baby. Daddy loves you more than you will ever know.’



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