Report: Levels Fled To South Africa


That’s the big question in Harare right now as Chillspot records producer, Tafadzwa ‘Levels’ Kadzimwe, has simply disappeared from the radar.

He is reported to have skipped the border after being fingered in a r@pe case.

Levels was accused of allegedly raping his ex-lover and musician Ashley ‘Shashl’ Moyo.

The star producer had allegedly leaked their s3x tape.

Shashl lodged a complaint with the police at Borrowdale Police Station.

An impeccable source told H-Metro that Levels has been trying in vain to invite Shashl to South Africa to negotiate the possible withdrawal of the charges.

“Levels cannot be located or reached on his mobile phone,” said the source.

“He was last seen at Borrowdale Police Station with Shashl for counselling a day before the latter lodged a police report against him.

“It is from that meeting where Levels sensed danger, the consequences of the n_de videos, and decided to flee,” said the source.



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