Police Say Armed Robbers Got Away With Over US$6K, R5K In Fidelity Building Robbery


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has reported that armed robbers who pounced on Fidelity Building in Bulawayo Saturday afternoon got away with over US$6 000 and R5 000.


Police said the robbers were armed with pistols. Reads the police report seen by 24NewsONLINE:

The ZRP is investigating an armed robbery incident which occurred at a trust and women empowerment company at 6th Floor, Fidelity Building, Bulawayo where two suspects armed with pistols attacked complainants and took US$6 270.00 as well as ZAR5 000.00 cash. The company is also involved in money transfers.

Earlier reports had suggested that police and security personnel services had foiled the “attempted” robbery at a money transfer agency housed at the premises.

What witnesses say:

They say there was a stand-off between suspected armed robbers and Police at Fidelity Building in Bulawayo.

It’s believed the suspected armed robbers raided a forex trading company housed at the building trying to rob the company but alert security raised alarm and police quickly reacted.

Corner Fife Street and 11th Avenue were cordoned by the police.

Police Special Tactics Team arrived at the scene waiting to pounce on the robbers.

Police later re-opened 11th Avenue and Fife Street with some sources saying the robbers left the scene by the time police arrived.



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