Mugabe’s nephew hospitalised in Zambia while Kirsty Coventry takes over farm


Popular Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has made claims that the man Youth and Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry is grabbing a farm from Robert Zhuwao, is admitted at a hospital in Zambia.


Hopewell posted photos of a bandaged Zhuwao and said he is battling for his life at a Zambia hospital while the minister is grabbing his farm:

The man whose farm was invaded by @KirstyCoventry is battling for his life in a Zambian hospital. Robert Zhuwao, the son of national heroine Sabina Mugabe and nephew of Robert Mugabe is losing his farm to Kirsty Coventry. A lesson to young people that ZANUPF has NO friends!

Robert Zhuwao is late heroine Sabina Mugabe’s son and former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew. The mInister and the ruling party and the government have not commented on the farm grab stories since they started circulating.


see more pictures>>>Link



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