“MPs Abscond Parliament To Drink Subsidised Beer At Parliament Members’ Bar,” Chinotimba


ZANU PF legislator for Buhera South, Joseph Chinotimba has claimed that some members of Parliament will be drunk when they attend Parliamentary events.


Chinotimba alleged that Binga North legislator Prince Dubeko Sibanda whom he said was late and disruptive to Parliamentary business was drunk like many other legislators. He said: 

Thank you, Mr Speaker. The Honourable Member (Dubeko-Sibanda) just came into the House and he is disrupting the Honourable Member who is debating. That is why I said that the Honourable Member is drunk. All these people who are not here are in the bar. If you want to see it, Mr Speaker, please go there and you will discover that they are drinking beer.

Open Parly reports that Parliament has a Members Bar for legislators at its premises, where it is alleged that beer and all other types of alcoholic beverages are sold at subsidised prices to the legislators.

Sibanda who claimed to be a member of an apostolic sect, hence not alcohol-taker, however, described Chinotimba’s allegations as abusive adding that he was late because he had gone to Kadoma to assist an individual who has been in detention on remand for over a year.

-Open Parly



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