LIST Of Newly-Identified Properties Owned By Chihuri


Twelve more properties linked to former police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri have been identified and the State wants them added to the list of Chihuri’s frozen properties.


This is in light of pending investigations into allegations that Chihuri diverted over US$32 million of public funds into family companies.

Below is the list of the newly-identified properties:

  1. 10 Stafford Road, Mt Pleasant, Harare
  2. 1 Bure Close, Stathaven, Harare.
  3. 8 St Aubins Close, Chisipite, Harare.
  4. 29 Carsberg Avenue, Alexandra Park, Harare.
  5. Lot 3 of Plot 4 of Juliasdale in the name of Ethan Augustine Chihuri and Samantha Chihuri.
  6. Lot 28 Chisipite Township of Chisipite in the name of Samantha Chihuri.
  7. 828 Mt Pleasant Township of Mt Pleasant, in the name of Nicole Tawonga Chihuri.
  8. 14453 Bulawayo Township of Stand 15038 Bulawayo Township in the name of Augustine Chihuri.
  9. 571 Zengeza Township in the name of Augustine Chihuri.
  10. Lot 7A of the Ranche in the name of Abigail Makono nee Billie (a co-director of Rewstand Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd cited with both her and the company already cited as respondents.
  11. 18848 Harare Township of Salisbury Township in the name of Abigail Makono nee Billie.
  12. 5346 Mufakose Township in the name of Beaular Billie. (a co-director of Rewstand Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd and already listed as a respondent).

The list of newly-discovered immovable properties has since been added on the already identified properties through an amended draft order.

Initially, the State had identified the following immovable properties which Chihuri and his family acquired during his 25-year tenure at the helm of the police:

  • Seven residential stands at Police Heights on Gletwin Farm in north-east Harare;
  • 9 hectares at Fishponds in Lomagundi district (Deed of Transfer 3177/90);
  • Stand 231 in Athlone in Greendale (Deed 1214/85) measuring 4 639 square metres;
  • 431 Quinnington in Borrowdale (5284/14) measuring 5 500 square metres.

-zbc news



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