JUST IN: South Africa’s Beer Prices Increase…


Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has announced an increase in sin taxes.


Delivering the annual budget speech in the National Assembly, Mboweni announced the following increases.

A 340ml can of beer or cider will cost only an extra 8c
A 750ml bottle of wine will cost an extra 14c
A 750ml bottle of sparkling wine an extra 61c
A bottle of 750 ml spirits, including whiskey, gin or vodka, will rise by R2.89
A packet of 20 cigarettes will be an extra 74c
A 25-gram of piped tobacco will cost 40c more
A 23-gram cigar will cost an extra R6.73
Mboweni also announced a new excise duty on heated tobacco products to be taxed at a rate of 75-per cent of the cigarette excise rate.

The government also intends to tax electronic cigarettes in 2021.




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