Harare Now Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 Epicentre After Recording Over 300 Cases In 1 Day


Of the country’s 3921 COVID-19 cases, more 1227 of them are in Harare and its satellite towns. The Herald reports. The matter emerged after it was reported that 337 Covid-19 cases, out of the 490 cases recorded on Saturday who tested positive for COVID-19 were from Harare and its satellite towns.


According to the publication:

Figures from the Ministry of Health and Child Care show that a record 490 new confirmed cases were recorded for the whole of Zimbabwe on Saturday and 262 yesterday, but of the weekend total of 752 new cases there were 719 people infected inside Zimbabwe and a relatively small 33 were among returning residents in formal quarantine. Out of those 719 local infections, 437 were in Harare taking the total of those infected within the city and most of its satellite towns to 1 227.

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Bulawayo which has the second-highest number of cases has 897 cases other provinces have less than 2000 cases combined.

More: The Herald



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