Gunshots in Chitungwiza as police clash with MDC youths.


Gunshots in Chitungwiza as police clash with MDC youths. Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Chitungwiza arrested 13 MDC members who were gathered at the house of MDC Deputy National Chairperson Job Sikhala in St Mary’s.

The arrested are:

MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson Stephen Chuma

Nyasha Mutsindikwa,
Elton Marimbe,
Dambudzo Mhike,
Tendayi Timuri,
Jabulani Chatindiara,
Christopher Muretu,
Terrence Manjengwa,
John Molebaleng,
Brian Mushakwe,
Tanyaradzwa Zawaira,
Taurai Nyamanhindi

Eyewitnesses said the police besieged Sikhala’s house in the early hours of Saturday morning and arrested the youths who are alleged to have been guarding Sikhala’s house in anticipation of ZANU PF youths who threatened to invade the house on Saturday.

After the arrests, MDC members are said to have taken to the streets to protest causing police to beat citizens indiscriminately in Zengeza and doing door to door patrols.
Police are said to have fire teargas and gunshots at Chigovanyika and Huruyadzo areas causing shops to be closed.

-Bulawayo24 News



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