Girl exposes mother’s s._.xcapades with lover after stumbling on expl!cit WhatsApp messages


Girl exposes mother’s s._.xcapades with lover after stumbling on expl!cit WhatsApp messages. The adultery scandal was recently exposed before the magistrates’ courts after the bed-hopping woman applied for a protection order against her husband.


The woman sensationally accused her husband of physically assaulting her and sending her death threats. A Bulawayo couple’s marriage is on the rocks after their 15-year-old daughter exposed her serial cheat mother’s affair with another man.

Appearing before magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, Itai Chikomberanwa refuted the physical abuse claims and instead put his wife Rosemary Chikomberanwa on a ‘shame parade’ after exposing her of having multiple illicit s._.xual affairs. The court heard that their 15-year-old daughter discovered erotic messages which her mother was exchanging with her alleged boyfriend on WhatsApp messenger, forcing her to send her father screenshots of the expl!cit messages.

I do not assault or insult her. The source of our problems is that she has been having extra-marital affairs since 2017. She once dated a police officer stationed at Queens Park Police Station. After I discovered the illicit relationship, I confronted them and we resolved the issue.

On May 11 2018, our 15-year-old daughter phoned me saying she had seen some dirty messages in her mother’s phone which she was exchanging with another man while complimenting each other on what they did the previous day.

The reason why she is seeking a protection order against me is that she just wants to stop me from questioning her about her extra-marital affairs. Rosemary, however, dismissed her husband’s allegations saying he was the one who was cheating on her.

I know nothing about the issue of adultery. He is the one who is cheating on me as he had two other children out of wedlock. I have been married to Itai Chikomberanwa for 14 years but, I recently filed for divorce and the case is still pending at the Bulawayo High Court.

I am making an application for a protection order because of the serious verbal, emotional abuse and harassment I am being subjected to by my husband. In the court’s ruling, the presiding magistrate granted a reciprocal peace order.




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