Byo woman arrested for kidnapping newborn baby after friend acts as whistle-blower…


Byo woman arrested for kidnapping newborn baby after friend acts as a whistle-blower. The woman was arrested after her friend blew the whistle on her and called the baby’s mother, informing her the suspect’s address and whereabouts.


The distressed mother rushed to the police after receiving the phone call and they escorted her to the suspect’s home where the baby was found unharmed. Bulawayo police have arrested a woman from Pumula suburb after she allegedly kidnapped a five-week-old baby girl.

In a statement yesterday, Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident which is said to have happened last week on Wednesday. The suspect (name withheld) allegedly went to baby’s mother’s house pretending that she was looking for her sister.

“At the time the accused person arrived at the complainant’s house, the complainant was about to leave heading to town. The accused person said she was also going to town and insisted on helping the complainant carry one of her twin babies who is five weeks old and she was given one of the twins,” said Chief Insp Ncube.

When they arrived in town, the accused person received a call and told the baby’s mother that she had no bus fare to return home so she had to rush to her friend nearby to get some cash. She left with the baby and never came back.

“The complainant tried contacting the accused person several times to inquire on her whereabouts but she was not picking up calls until the phone went off,” said Chief Insp Ncube. The complainant later went to Bulawayo Central Police Station and reported the matter.

“Later in the day the complainant received an anonymous call from a certain lady who claimed to be the accused’s friend advising her that she had seen the accused carrying the baby on her back and introduced her as her cousin,” said Chief Insp Ncube.

The twin baby girl was rescued and the accused person was arrested.




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