Another woman busted cheating with a married man, given a hard beating || Video


Another woman busted cheating with a married man, given a hard beating – Video. According to sources, the incident occurred in neighbouring country South Africa where the philandering married man, Baba Manu, is based.


Mayhem reigned supreme after a married woman pounced on her husband’s mistress, ferociously bashing her for sleeping with her husband. In an undated video circulating on social media that was recently seen by this publication, a woman who was identified only as Mai Manu savagely assaults an unidentified woman-with an unidentified object-for having an affair with her husband, Baba Manu.

The chaos erupted after the married woman got wind of her husband’s adultery shenanigans with the alleged mistress, leading to a violent confrontation between the women who seem to be well acquainted with each other. In the video footage, a furious Mai Manu ferociously assaults her husband’s mistress who begs for her forgiveness.

Although having firmly denied the illicit affair at first, the woman yields and confirms the affair following the beat down. However, she sensationally claims that the illicit affair with Baba Manu ended a long time ago.

During the scuffle, an unidentified man who is recording the video sides with Mai Manu and lambastes the woman for having an affair with a married man. Although the home-wrecker pleads with the man recording the video to intervene and restrain the attacker, the man’s extremely hostile comments only add fuel to the fire.

video below…..



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